September 8 2019 – E-Blast

Visual Artists of Welland:  Sept. 8, 2019

***Please submit any info for the e-blast to

This is a very long and very informative e-blast!!!

  1. Annual General Meeting (AGM):

    will be held at the Sept. 16 meeting

  • the current Board members will make a short presentation re: what they have completed this past year
  • in October, the written reports will be posted on the website
  1. VAW Board Elections:

    will be held at the Monday, Sept. 16 meeting

Positions Available:

  • all positions are available
  • the people who have agreed to stand again for election from the previous Board are: Deedee Alexandre, Pam Duncan, Pat Haftar, and Tracy Greening. Previous Board members may stand without nomination.
  • any members interested in being elected to the Board must be nominated by a member and seconded by another member. There are 8 positions open in total. If more than 8 people stand then there will be an election held to determine who will take the General Board positions. Any number can volunteer to be on supporting committees working with the Volunteer Chairs without being nominated or elected.
  • ***please let Deedee (  know of your intention by Wednesday, September 11 at 5 p.m.
  • positions that make up the Board= 4 Officers + 4 Chairs





Treasurer: willingness to learn basic Excel is necessary

Chairs:  everyone works together and there is overlap among the Chairs

Events Planner—helps plan the General Monthly Meetings

Marketing—assists in determining where and when and what marketing will take place

Webmaster and Facebook Guru—previous experience is necessary in creating and maintaining a website

Membership/Volunteers:  helps organize the Membership and Volunteers for different activities and events

Note- The Officers and Chair positions are appointed by the Board members at an Executive meeting following the Board being elected. Positions held will be announced to the members by email.

We hope you find it in your heart and schedule to take on a position.


  1. VAW Fall-Fest (Sleigh Bells) Art Show and Sale:

    November 9 and 10

  • at the Seaway Mall—Centre Court
  • set up: Friday, November 8; tear down: Sunday, November 10 at 5 p.m.
  • boards: Catharines Art Association has kindly agreed to allow us the use of their display Boards as the City of Welland has denied access to the City owned boards unless used at a City owned venue. The SCAA boards are smaller:  41” x 44’’—so the price of each side is $25.00 / there are 42 sides available
  • art cards: during your sit time, you will be able to sell your art cards/photos--in a box/container measuring max. 12’’ x 12’’. The VAW will not be responsible for these small items but will accept payment on artists behalf for larger art sales.
  • please indicate your intention to participate in the Sleigh Bells Art Show and Sale at the Sept. 16 meeting or if you cannot attend please email your wishes so you can be put on the list and not miss out.
  1. Niagara Falls Art Gallery

    (8058 Oakwood Drive, NFO)

  • With the assistance of Pat Haftar, Pam and Deedee were approached by the Art Gallery to have a group show
  • January 6—drop off one painting/framed or canvas photo—not exceeding 4 feet
  • January 12—1-4 p.m.—Opening Reception
  • Only members who have their membership paid in full by October 31st, 2019 will be allowed to enter this show for planning and advertising purposes.
  • February 24—pick up / end of show
  • Christmas Gift: no charge to enter this show!
  1. Niagara This Week: feature—Artist of the Month
  • if you are interested in being featured in Niagara This Week, please let us know at the September meeting or by email if you cannot attend.
  • we will draw twelve names from a hat—one for each month
  • if you cannot be at Sept.’s meeting, please let Deedee know and your name will be put into the hat
  1. Decorative Trading Cards (DTC):
  • if there is enough interest among the members, the trading will continue—need min. six members involved
  • trading will take place at the General Meetings this year
  1. Membership renewals will begin at the September meeting. The fees are again $35 for the year with a $10 additional fee (optional) for 10 photos of your work added to the website.

We look forward to seeing everyone and having another exciting year ahead.

Thank you and see you soon!
Deedee and Pam