Noticeboard - "Forest Cardinal " 1-Day Creative Painting Workshop

Hello Painting Friends,

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and continues to stay well. A while ago, after much thought, we decided to start Esa’s painting workshops and had a couple of them in late September – early October. Our class limit was maximum 4 people and it worked great. Everyone had fun and had a beautiful piece of artwork to take home.

Again, the maximum limit is 4 students to a workshop to maintain the safe 6 feet social distancing. The disinfectants and paper towels will be available. Just bring your own mask.

The teacher will no longer go from table to table to help, but the students can bring their art on the teacher’s desk in front and get help from the safe, proper distance. Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we cannot serve coffee, tea or snacks, so please bring your own beverage.

I have attached the information sheet about "Forest Cardinal." This forest design is basically a monochrome painting (where the red cardinal is painted last). A "monochrome" painting is a work of art that consists of a single colour. It is a different approach to art, but one that is used more widely than you might think. Please take a moment to read the attached information, and decide which day is best for you and let me know if you can come.

Thank you

Maila, Teaching Workshop Coordinator
Esa Studio-Gallery
471 Stanley Street
Port Colborne, ON

Tel/Text: 905 835 5648