Noticeboard - Wee Point Resort 1st Annual Artist Retreat

Try your hand with 3 unique artists offering 3 different genres. Each participant will spend a full day of learning and painting with each of the 3 artist instructors:

Watercolor Painting instructor James Kerr- Originally from Toronto, Kerr moved to the Niagara Region over 30 years ago. Jim’s parents encouraged him in his artistic endeavours and gave him his first paint set when he was 11. Jim was first a commercial artist. He is skilled in pencil, pen and ink, and acrylic, but he is most passionate about watercolor. He loves teaching and shares his expertise in these media.

Acrylic instructor Patricia Haftar- began her career by studying Commercial Art in high school & attending the Hawkley Valley School of Fine Arts. Patricia works in acrylic and mixed media. She considers herself a colorist impressionist. The key theme in Pat’s acrylic work is to capture the beauty of the country we live in.

Pastel instructor Robbin Pulver Andrews - of Hamilton Ontario, began painting in 2008 after an early retirement. A self-taught artist, her paintings are full of vibrant colors and inspired by everyday objects that intrigue her.

This retreat is open to 12 participants. You will be placed into a group of 4 which will spend a full day learning and painting with each instructor.

Find all of the details for this special retreat in the document listed below.