Membership Information

You must be 18 years or older to become a member of the Visual Artists of Welland.

Please find the downloadable Membership Application at the bottom of this page.


[If applying as a new member after May 1, the Membership Fee is reduced to $15, then $35 for renewal again on September 1.]

Please download and complete the Membership Application (below). Before submitting it with your payment, TAKE A CLEAR PHOTO OF IT, and send the photo as an attachment in an email to:

addressed to Tina Clancy, Membership Chair.

[If for whatever reason you cannot fill out the form, provide all of the information in an email to the same address.]

You can pay by cheque or E-transfer, or by cash if paying in person. Details are included on the Membership Application form.


The annual VAW membership fee entitles you to have your very own page on the VAW website. This is one of the many benefits of being a member of the VAW.

When you click on Members in the top navigation bar of the website, you will find a gallery of member photos and names arranged at the top of the page. Click on one of these and that member's very own page will open.

However, you MUST submit a PHOTO OF YOURSELF in order to have a web page.* No image, no page. The best we can do is include your name on the "More Members" page, included in the Member Gallery.

What other information appears on the Member Page?

Unless you wish otherwise, your email address will be made visible on your page, but you can also have your phone number, or the name and address of a commercial studio or shop can be listed as well.  Please let me know which information you wish to be made public (none, all, or some). [NOTE: Personal addresses cannot be included on these pages.]


Please send me one sentence to use as the caption under the photo of yourself on your Member Page (to Tina, at ). It can describe your artwork in a nutshell, describe what inspires you, state why you create what you do, or whatever "captures" you as an artist.

Some examples:
• "I paint pet portraits in pastels"
• "I am inspired by the rugged landscapes up north where I have a cottage"
• "I prefer to paint simple objects, especially when the light creates strong contrasts of brightness and shadow"
• "animals in the wild intrigue me, and I enjoy capturing their expressions"
• "I paint seascapes on metal because of the special impact it creates"
• etc.

Please email your photo and blurb (optional), along with all contact information you wish to be made public on your page, to Tina Clancy at


For an additional $10 per year, you can have more information and images of your artwork added onto your Member page, including:

a) your Artist Bio/Statement, and any other information you wish to include about yourself and your art (ex. information about classes, website, instagram handle, etc.),

b) up to 10 photos of your art, each with the Title and Medium in the filename of the image. Once these photos are placed on your page, they are fed randomly into the slide show on the opening Home page of the website.

Send information and images to Tina at

You will have the opportunity to refresh your information and photos each year, and you must renew your $10 payment to keep the extra information and photos visible.


- Your own page on the VAW Website (if you provide a photo of yourself)
- Member-level access to exhibit at the VAW Gallery Shop
- Member discounts at participating outlets (see below)

MEMBER DISCOUNTS: [Click the logos for more information]

Wallack's Art Supplies and Framing (Ottawa) - 10% off regular-priced orders

Great Signs & Graphics (Welland) - 10% off orders great than $75.00

The European Pantry (Welland) - 10% off art supplies if spend more than $50.00