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As a child I spent all my free time creating images on paper of houses, people and places.

Like many child artists, my journey was interrupted, but over the years in keeping my dream of becoming a visual artist alive, I took university, community and college courses as well as private classes which included the study of watercolour, pottery, acrylic painting, block-printing, drawing and faux-finishing.

It is just since 2016, that I have somewhat resumed my art journey and I find myself more and more challenged in trying to capture light and shadow, texture, tonal values, atmosphere and perspective
in the compositions I create

I am also challenged by the idea of creating something that is not necessarily “needed” by the viewer in terms of its practicality but rather something that is simply “desired’ because it connects with the viewer.

Having grown up in Niagara and having returned to it to raise my family after living in Toronto for a number of years, celebrating the spirit of 21st century Niagara is a strong focus of mine.

Now as an emerging artist I find myself drawn to the same images that captured my focus as a child:
images of houses, people, and places, but now I am attempting to create images that reflect

what drives us, what we hold dear, where we dwell and what we do,
our relationships and our connectedness with our environments, ourselves, our families

and the people and places in our communities.

My bodies of artwork are titled

“Journeyings” and “Celebrating Niagara”


“Visual Art has the power to lift the spirit and make you joyful, to inspire you into action, to take you to another place or time, to stir your emotions, to awe you, to make you smile

I feel that it is in fact an integral part of our humanness to be moved by art.

I also feel that it is this human connection to art that gives art
a life beyond its form, beyond the canvas, beyond its creation.

It is my hope that my “Journeyings” or “Celebrating Niagara” artworks series has the power to connect with the viewer.

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