Members - Claudia Aubertin

Claudia is sincerely passionate about photography and art. The world is her backdrop and she sees everything around her as a photograph or work of art. She loves all things vintage especially old cameras and old photographs. She finds inspiration in art, music, colour, and people. She grew up in Niagara, have been taking pictures and creating since forever and she strives to create meaningful and artful pieces of work.

Claudia is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, with a Bachelor’s degree in Design, and Sheridan College with a diploma in Applied Photography. She’s always loved toying with the boundaries of photography and art, and combining both mediums to create a unique piece of art. At O.C.A. she specialized in silk screening – creating designs for wallpaper, and hand painting on silk.

She loves being creative and have begun to expand her artistic horizons by delving into the world of painting, though her main medium is photography. Claudia has worked in photography studios in Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, Las Vegas, Nevada, until opening her own photography studio in Fonthill in 2005. In 2018, she moved her studio home, in order to concentrate on creating fine art photography and painting.

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1: 289-213-8106