Members - Danielle Robbins

Dani enjoys most forms of art but her true passion lies in Acrylic painting. She sees inspiration in everything around her. She grew up in Oakville and then spent 10 years in Petawawa and Borden while serving in the Army as a communication/computer specialist. Upon completion of her term in service she and her husband re-located to Welland.

Dani spent some time at Sheridan college trying to combine her love of art and architecture into an Interior Design career, with side courses in photography and silk screen printing. After her first year she realized that it wasn’t the path for her and joined the army. While serving in the army, she spent her spare time drawing and painting.

Over the last few years, Dani has tried to do more with her art. She started by making silk screen patterns for clothing, but once Cricut came out with the iron on vinyl, she switched over (but still loves the detailed work needed to do silk screening). In the last two years, Dani has started to paint with acrylics again. Something she had not really done since her college years. Now that her kids are grown up, Dani has found that she can spend more time on painting, without distractions.

While landscapes were a big focus in her paintings when she started out, animals are her true passion and her goal for 2021 is to have at least 1 animal painted a month. Someday she would like to be able to do commissioned art.

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