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As a child, Jacqui would embellish pictures of faces in her mother's magazines with glasses, jewelry and facial hair. Her mother didn't take much notice until a few years later when Jacqui brought home her drawings from high school art class. However, Jacqui's fingers had been itching to draw for a long time, ever since she saw a detailed pen and ink drawing on her grandmother's wall. That was the beginning of her romance with line, architectural subjects and portraiture.

Other than a few art courses in university, Jacqui is self-taught. Having not had a lot of formal art education, Jacqui has never felt confined by traditional techniques. Her approach is intuitive and analytical. Her art often starts with "What if I….?" or "How could I …?" This has led to her working with an increasing variety of mediums to capture a wide range of subjects.

Life got busy with 5 kids and a family business but she continued to draw and paint whenever time allowed. Her desire to create has been expressed in many ways over the intervening years. In the last few years her art supplies are increasingly being put to use and she is seizing every opportunity to pursue creative urges that were dormant for a long time.

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1: 905-732-3222

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