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I live in Port Colborne in a beautiful home with two cats. I am retired from work as various as BBC TV to river sampling in Syria and Lebanon to Canada Post.
I started watercolour painting at a convent school in Malawi, East Africa, and moved onto drawing at a Grammar School in Kent, England. After happy years as my two children grew and thrived, I joined the Port Colborne Art Club in 2015. Here I started acrylics painting and recently I have enjoyed exploring graphite drawing with a view to trying pastels.

I really do enjoy learning about art history and restoration work. I have no profound philosophy about art except to avoid pretentious art critics. I have sold some paintings but I am definitely a beginner and an amateur.

I recently joined the Visual Artists of Welland who very kindly invited me into their Gallery at Seaway Mall where some of my paintings and drawings are currently displayed.

Jenny Walker
April 2020

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