Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards, daughter to a dedicated military family, exhibited a natural talent for art from an early age. Throughout the years Karen has accomplished many uses with a variety of mediums.

Karen graduated from Niagara College’s Art program in 1994 and has many accomplishments and awards along the way. Her art is the same kind of serenity we see in her style time and time again with her ambitious use of a wide spectrum of colours and mediums.

Karen is captivated by the immediacy of light and its effects on colour that surrounds her. After looking at her work, one can see that she is quick in applying her observations to canvas in order to render her interpretation of a visual movement. There are few if any wasted brush strokes and details that are applied in the image.

Karen’s style from her pencil work emphasizes fine detail, control and patience while the essence of her paintings lies in simple forms and vibrant colours. However different these mediums may be, both involve strict attention to detail and methodical approach to the application of the material.

Every day Karen finds new ways to keep her art fresh. She is truly an artist whom we all can enjoy.

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