Members - Karen Visentin

I am always excited when I have new ideas and perspectives. However, I do not seek inspiration. Whenever I open myself up, take a look around, and follow my heart, creative ideas find me. Being able to take those ideas and create with my hands and eyes is a gift that I treasure and wish to share.

My hope, as an artist, is to stimulate thoughts and emotions.

I thrive when working on several projects at once. So, I continually paint with watercolours (my first love). I'm always creating new designs for greeting cards and prints while exploring various surfaces and techniques. I enjoy stepping away from painting to create one-of-a-kind, handcrafted concrete leaf castings.

For me, balancing my work, family and art is what life is about.

I greatly admire the art of Canadians David Milne and Linda Kemp

I was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario, and currently reside in Welland. I'm a graduate of the Visual Art & Design Program, Niagara College.

I enjoy being a member of the Visual Artist of Welland.

My work has been displayed at Rodman Hall (Juried Show), the Queenston Art Show, and the Niagara Falls Art Gallery, Welland Historical Museum



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