Karen Visentin

"Drawing enables us to see in the special way that artist's see, it allows us the experience to see ever more clearly and deeply" (Betty Edwards).

Although Karen dives into watercolour painting, she often returns to drawing, which allows her to develop during her artist's journey. She is visually attracted to suggestive, continuous, and contour lines. Karen's artwork often includes the use of negative space, the use of white paper, and experimentation with a limited palette. The vibrancy in nature is often where she finds her subjects.

She also appreciates the deep beauty of Canada and the Niagara region. Her interest in European settler architecture is present in some of her pieces. She's particularly drawn to the interesting doorways and gables.

A self-described "slow-motion multi-tasker", her love of the creative process has taught her that patience has enormous value, yet she always wants to be evolving as an artist. Karen's hope is that an honest reflection of her work will always convey the idea that learning and developing is perpetual.

As even Michelangelo inscribed at the age of 87, "Still I am learning".

Born in Niagara Falls and residing in Welland, Karen is excited to be a part of the local art community.

She has earned a diploma in Visual Art and Design at Niagara College.

Her work has been displayed at Rodman Hall, annual Queenston Art Shows, the Niagara Falls Art Gallery, and she continues to partake in the VAW Art Shows.

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