Members - Lori Verschoor

Lori, born Neta Lorraine Sweigard, has always loved creating and designing. After retiring in 2006, when not travelling or gardening, Lori dabbled in acrylic painting. "I wanted actual paintings on my walls instead of cheap prints, so decided to paint those images and photos of our travels!" As a snowbird in Arizona she was introduced to stained glass and mosaics. Mosaics became her new passion. She taught classes, managed the resort's 'glass' room, and tried out new techniques for her artwork. Besides using stained glass, she experimented with mixing media such as gems, European crystals, crushed glass, agates, glass and metal beads, stone, sea shells, hematite, silver, copper, and aluminum. Her work is unique. She creates an image in her head and focuses her attention on the different textures and colours. In 2020, when glass was not readily available during Covid, she started painting with oils. Her love of wildlife plays a dominant role in her art.
Lori belongs to The Artists on the Pointe, a group of artists who regularly meet and share their endeavors at their community of Hunter's Pointe in Welland. In 2021 she joined the Visual Artists of Welland.

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