Members - Natasha Page

Self-acclaimed artist Natasha Page began painting with acrylics just 3 years ago. She finds peace, solace and resiliency in painting. She has an affinity for bold, abstract, expressive art with a keen eye for fashion and design which translates into her artwork.

For Natasha, painting has been an outlet that she can escape to where there are no limitations or expectations. The freedom to just be. Although personal to her, Natasha wants her art to be whatever the viewer sees it to be. In the studio, paintings are at risk of forever evolving and never being completed. Often works will sit seemingly done, before further inspiration whisks them in a direction never imagined from the beginning.

Natasha finds herself experimenting with different mediums, layering and texturizing to go beyond any expectations. In the studio, Natasha's art is seamlessly unintentional yet statement worthy.

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