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Shelley P. Jones is primarily a travel and wildlife photographer.

She has had ten one-woman shows of her photography. Her work has been shown in the Armadale Gallery, Mandeville Gallery, the Powell Gallery, Reba's Cafe and Gallery, and she had a piece in the Casa Loma Christmas Art Show.

She has shown her work in the Junction Art Festival, Toronto; the Bloor West Art Walk, Toronto; and the ScotiaBank Contact Festival.

Her travel photography shows The Gentle East Coast (Canada) and A Dragon in the Kitchen (China and Tibet) were highly successful. Both of these shows were in the Powell Gallery of the prestigious Toronto Camera Club among others.. For Shelley, being accepted to show at the TCC represents a highlight in her career.

In 2003, Shelley had work in the world famous ScotiaBank Contact Festival in Toronto.

Shelley's photographic works are untouched. What you see on the wall is what she saw when she made the image. There is no post-production manipulation. Art collectors buy her work because it is true to her experience in the 1/1000th of a second it took to capture it.

During the first Covid lockdown, Shelley discovered a talent and a passion for reproducing her wildlife photography in coloured pencil. Each drawing requires hours of careful layering of pigment to duplicate the real colour in the photo. Like her photography, Shelley insists on realism. The animal must be portrayed just as she saw/photographed it.

The combination of photography and drawing that is true to the original subject is Shelley P. Jones' signature style. It is her commitment to realism and her passion for wildlife that drives Shelley's artistic development.

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