2021November 2021 - 2nd E-blast
Hi Everyone, It was nice to see everyone who attended the AGM on Sunday, Nov. 21. Wonderful meeting. Lots to read about in the e-blast. Note: Sunday, Nov. 28 1-3 p.m. we will be at the Welland Historical Museum: there's no pre-registration. Bring some paintings-one large and some medium and small ones. We'll try and make everything fit. Note the time: 1-3 p.m. We hope you enjoy the newsletter. Deedee and Pam

November 2021 E-blast
Hi Everyone, Note that the drop off for artwork has been moved from Sunday, November 15 to Sunday, November 28 at the Gallery Shop. See you on Sunday, Nov. 21 at the Gallery Shop for the AGM. Proof of vaccination is required for the AGM. Deedee and Pam

October 2021 E-blast
Hello Everyone! The long weekend is finally here! We hope that all of you have a hearty and Happy Thanksgiving. Please take a moment to read the ebast, Stay happy, safe, and sane. Deedee and Pam

September 2021 E-blast
Hi Everyone, We hope that you are all enjoying the last vestiges of summer! Beautiful weather. Please take a few moments to read the September e-blast. Lots of exciting information. If you have not renewed your membership yet, you can do so at the General Meeting at Chippawa Park (What? When?--read the e-blast!). You have until Sept. 30 to renew. After that, those who have not renewed will no longer receive the e-blast... :( We hope you are enjoying the long weekend. Deedee and Pam

Mid-August 2021 E-blast
Dear Members, Please take a few moments to look at the 2nd August e-blast. Don't forget that payment for membership/website renewal is due Sept. 1. We hope that each of you is keeping well--and cool. Deedee and Pam

August 2021 E-blast
Hi Everyone, We are excited to see everyone who can make it to Chippawa Park at 1 p.m. on Sunday--weather permitting. Let's hope the weather continues to be as wonderful as today. Don't forget your lawn chair, water, and mask. Deedee and Pam

July 2021 E-blast
Hi Everyone, We hope that all of you are enjoying the unstable weather! Making the most of the weather, we're sure. Please take a moment to read the important information in the eblast. If you have any questions, please contact Deedee or Pam. Otherwise, we'll see you at Chippawa Part for the General Meeting. What? Will it be indoors or outdoors? What day? What time? What do I need to bring? All those questions are answered in the eblast! Enjoy! Stay safe, sane, healthy, happy, dry, cool ... Deedee and Pam

June 2021 E-blast
Hello Everyone! Wow, June is now here and Welland will once again live up to its moniker - The Rose City - when the roses burst into bloom. Couple things: : there are three spaces available for the upcoming rotation at the Gallery Shop - let Deedee or Pam know if you are interested. : Membership Dues - are now being accepted. Enjoy the month! Deedee and Pam

May 2021 E-blast
Hi Everyone, We hope all of you are keeping dry, healthy, happy, and sane - and doing well. Take a look at the e-blast; we trust that there will be something for everyone of you to be interested in. Always know that the VAW Exec. is there for each of you--as artists and friends. If you have any questions, ideas, etc., please let Deedee or Pam know. Until we can get back together, have an enjoyable spring. Deedee and Pam

March 2021 E-blast
Good Afternoon! I hope everyone has a "spring" in their step and is enjoying the wonderful weather--even the rain is appreciated! Please take a few moments to read the e-blast--lots of important items. If you have any questions about anything, you can ask Google or call/email Deedee and Pam! Talk soon, Deedee and Pam

January 2021 E-blast
Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! We hope that all of you are nice and warm and safe and healthy. We miss all of you. Attached you will find the most recent e-blast. There is much information about the VAW--you're sure to be tickled with excitement! Deedee and Pam

2020December 2020 E-blast
Hello Everyone! We hope that all of you are doing well. Staying warm, safe, and healthy! Please take a few moments to read the e-blast for some important information. Deedee and Pam

November 2020 E-blast

October 2020 E-blast

August 2020 - Special E-blast
Hello Everyone, I know this is becoming a habit, sending you all eblasts so often lately but that is because events are evolving so fast we have to keep you in the loop. Please make sure to visit our new, beautiful website which is up and running with the help of Tina Clancy our new webmaster. Join us in thanking our past Guru Tracy Greening for all her hard work to get us going with our first website also. We the VAW have come so far since we first met in 2018 and we look forward to even more exciting things in 2021 and beyond. Hope to see you all soon and remember to stay safe. Thanks everyone .....Pam and Deedee

August 2020 E-blast
Hello Everyone.....This e blast contains some exciting news for the VAW members, and we hope something to look forward to this fall. Deedee and I along with all the Board members have been trying very hard to find ways to get moving again while staying safe, keeping our members safe and yet to be able to have fun as well. Although the regular shows are still on hold ( hopefully for next spring) we have found what we think will be a wonderful outlet for our talented members. Read over the e blast, if you have questions contact us and plan to keep the morning of August 25th open for an open air members meeting. We miss seeing everyone and although things are getting better, we are not out of the woods yet so we have to proceed cautiously. We have loved seeing your Facebook posts, getting emails and occasionally meeting up with a few at a shop, but nothing beats seeing everyone as a group and the incredible energy we have united. We hope you will agree that this e blast and the information it contains will be a cause for some anticipation and excitement at last. Take care and stay safe......Pam and Deedee

July 2020 E-blast
Hello Everyone on this, the last day of July. Who would have thought that we would still be apart by mid summer, we sure didn't envision this. Still, we are lucky not to be living south of the border where things are much worse. At some point in the future ( hopefully not too distant), we will again be able to meet in person, show our work and laugh with each other over things we have done during this time of isolation. We are sure that most of our members have been busy creating new and amazing work and we are prepared to be astounded by the pieces when we are able to see them. Life has changed but the spirit of caring and friendship still is shining brightly as evident by the posts and emails we see everyday, not only from our group members, but from family and friends as well. Remember to reach out to us if you need anything, someone to talk to, some help in finding supplies, anything or anyway we can be of assistance, we will. And, if we can't give you what you need, we will find someone who can. We are more than a group of artists, we are a group of friends and we miss you all. Please read over the e blast and let us know if there is something you need clarification on. Either Deedee or I will respond asap. Thank you for all your support these past few months, your encouraging words and your funny Facebook posts to lift our spirits. Take care and we will talk soon.... Pam and Deedee

June 2020 E-blast
Hi Everyone Wow, we sure miss you guys! Please read this email completely as it is a bit long but full of important information for the group. We are keeping busy as a board and we are sure you are all painting and stockpiling work for when the shows can get up and running again. Sadly, since we are in Phase 2 and this won't be until Phase 4, it may be a bit of a wait but then it will be awesome! Let us know how you are all doing, what you are doing and keep safe, well and creative til we can see each other again.... Pam and Deedee and the Board of VAW